Working with Archetypes

Working with Archetypes takes participants on a deep exploration into the nature of archetypal forces and how we access and engage with them in a way which is unique to each of us.

Unlock the gifts and potential excesses of the twelve key psychological archetypes. Prior to the workshop you’ll complete your own profile and together we’ll explore your results and their impact on your lived experience.

These are some of the insights you will gain in an interactive, reflective and creative setting:

  • A clear outline of the twelve key psychological archetypes
  • A detailed view of how these archetypes are working in your life at this time
  • An overview of where you are placed in relation to an archetypal timeline
  • Clear insights into your strengths and ‘lead’ archetypes
  • Help with understanding your challenges, whether current or ongoing
  • Areas of imbalance
  • Indications of task/ purpose/ destiny
  • Suggestions of ways you could strengthen areas and address imbalances

We will also explore typical or current problematic or ‘stuck’ situations which can be viewed and addressed through engaging archetypal energies differently.

Pre-course Resources

Archetypes — Then and Now

An understanding of psychological archetypes was brought into our modern consciousness through the work of Dr. Carl Jung (1875–1961). They describe universal ways of being that are common to humanity and accessible to us all. Jung believed that standing behind our individual personal unconscious, which is unique to each of us, “there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal and impersonal nature that is identical in all individuals”. Dr. Caroline Myss observes that ‘some archetypes step out from the backdrop of this great collective to play a much more prominent role in people’s lives, and that each of us has our own personal alignment of key archetypes’ (Sacred Contracts 2001 p.14). This individualised constellation of psychological energies is what we explore in Working With Archetypes.

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Training as an art therapist I have previously done a bit of exploring with archetypes and how they may influence people's lives. Garry's workshop expanded my knowledge ten-fold. The information was clear and relate-able… it was extremely beneficial to learning more about my way of being in this world, and ways to step forward with strength into the future. It gave me clarity about where I am going and more freedom to be authentically me. Since the workshop I have slowly watched my relationship to self and to my world shift in a positive direction.
"Working with Archetypes" was personally rewarding, nourishing and insightful. I gained a deep understanding of myself and the archetypes I operate from but now have insight to balance these archetypes. I use these regularly in my life to check in with myself and what I might need to change or keep doing… I appreciated the steady pace and artistic activities to help develop my understanding of the different archetypes, which live deeper within me now. The group dynamic was perfect and I felt safe with sharing. Jodie
Garry provided such a strong and in-depth workshop on archetypes. I came away with the knowledge of how to make real change in my life. A wonderful combination of exercises and feedback kept us moving and working to greater depths of understanding. I'm changed forever and have tools to help others understand their journey.
[Working with Archetypes] skillfully creates a really safe space within which to push the boundaries of your known self....and enter unexplored territory with confidence! blew my mind!.....altered my thinking!......changed my life! I can thoroughly recommend it! Do it!
Grab the opportunity to do this course with both hands. I know many courses claim to be life changing.......but this one actually is!
I highly recommend Working with Archetypes. Garry has been a profound influence in my life, and this course is really well done.