Archetype Profiles

An Archetype Profile gives you a detailed, personalised view of how you use each of twelve key archetypal energies. A profile will show your strengths (lead archetypes), areas of imbalance, and possible internal conflicts as well as likely external difficulties.

This archetype profiling is designed to give you a clear snapshot of how your energy is being used at present in your life. It is not a static ‘personality type’ profile. The distribution of your energy will change according to your life circumstances and age. Your strengths and areas of imbalance are outlined along with ways to address these if you choose to. You might recognise particular ways of being as a part of your destiny.

An understanding of psychological archetypes was brought into our modern consciousness through the work of Dr. Carl Jung (1875–1961). They describe universal ways of being that are common to humanity and accessible to us all.

Jung believed that standing behind our individual personal unconscious, which is unique to each of us, “there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal and impersonal nature that is identical in all individuals”. Dr. Caroline Myss observes that ‘some archetypes step out from the backdrop of this great collective to play a much more prominent role in people’s lives, and that each of us has our own personal alignment of key archetypes’ (Sacred Contracts 2001 p.14).

The profiling work offered here can help determine the unique constellation of archetypal energies at play in your life right now. The research of Dr. Carol S. Pearson and Dr. Hugh Marr (What Story Are You Living? 2007) has singled out twelve key psychological patterns or archetypes that arise in the course of a life. They each represent an energy system we can understand and relate to. These are given descriptive names such as the ‘Warrior’ and the ‘Sage’.

By combining these approaches, here are some of the advantages of having a personalised profile and debrief session simply by filling in a 72 item questionnaire.

  • A clear outline of the key psychological archetypes and how they operate
  • A detailed report of how these twelve archetypes are working in your life at this time
  • An overview of where you are placed in relation to an archetypal timeline
  • Clear insights into your strengths and ‘lead’ archetypes
  • Help with understanding your challenges, some of which might be particular to current situations and some you might recognise as ongoing challenges
  • Areas of imbalance (this is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing when viewed in context)
  • Suggestions of ways you could strengthen areas and address imbalances

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The archetype profile has brought my awareness to an aspect of myself that I had been overlooking and this shift of focus has instigated immediate and profound changes. I had put years of energy (psychological and financial) into improving how I communicate without realising that the sweet spot for transformation lay elsewhere. Garry's work has empowered me to tune into this archetypal energy, that has been seemingly waiting in the wings to support my development. Garry's breadth of knowledge and depth of insight are generously offered in a very detailed personalised report which is full of astute observations, practical suggestions and healing words…. You have hit on some big themes for me! Extraordinary!
Rebecca, Adelaide
Brilliant! Seriously, very perceptive and helpful in a very practical sense. Certain observations just articulated well what I already knew, but there were other things that were more 'out of the blue' that really hit home. So, while I've now been presented with some challenges, I feel as though I have the arsenal with which to tackle them.
KL, Adelaide Hills
This is truly remarkable! It is absolutely accurate and helpful.
Pam B, Nova Scotia, Canada
Thank you for this. It is definitely helpful in clarifying some areas in my life and better understanding what may be at play. It has given me food for thought and digestion as well as inspiration for considering new possibilities and taking more informed action. I would definitely recommend for anyone seeking more clarity on their path.
Sharon, Nova Scotia