Turning Points Workshops

Turning Points is a series of five workshops designed to explore self and purpose — to open our eyes to the grand narrative of our lives.

Turning Points is a series of five workshops designed to help explore self and purpose — to shine a light on threads and themes that weave through our past and reflect in our present, bringing us to clarity about why things are as they are and what is being asked of us. Its aim is to open our eyes to the grand narrative of our life.

The premise of this work is that everything about a life is purposeful. The program represents the unique, practical implications of that belief and is ideal for those in midlife.

Each workshop is limited to three people.

Weekly Workshop Session Themes:

  • Week 1: Discerning my quest.
  • Week 2: How did I set all this up?
  • Week 3: Nailing my leading edge.
  • Week 4: What makes me hum?
  • Week 5: What is being asked of me?

Please register your interest through the contact form at the bottom of this page or email garry@garrygilfoy.com. Because groups are small I can liaise with people to find times that suit.

“There’s a song that wants to sing itself through us, and we’ve just got to be available.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke translator and poet Joanna Macy


“The small group sessions are a surprisingly soulful, insightful and quick way to reveal the ‘patiently waiting questions’ where all voices contribute. The five-week format generates a seemingly effortless commitment and encouragement to persist in exploring what is calling. I really appreciated Garry’s ability to connect themes, intuit the right words for the right time, and to help clarify clunky thinking to find the gems. This work continues to unfold like magic, months after completing the course.”
“Garry brings a rare insight and wisdom to his workshops which he expresses with warmth and humility. I’m truly grateful I did this work. Since then I’ve had much more clarity in the direction of the next phase of my life and confidence in getting there.”
“Weekly sessions assisted me to target specific areas of my life where I needed to be more conscious of what has been holding me back from finding my voice.”
“The course helped me to find my own clarity on the questions in my head and heart….. A deep, honest and supportive space.”
“What a gift I received when coming out of the workshop and looking back, as if I have been handed a flaming torch to shine a light on my path ahead.”
“Simple, fun, and highly effective.”