Inner Worlds Seminars — A Journey into Psychology and Spirituality

Inner Worlds Seminars Brand

This series of five talks offers an encounter with some of the prominent figures in the field of psychotherapy with an aim to help us reflect on questions of being – from human science to human encounters.

We’ll meet the people, their ideas and the approaches they developed. Some were scientists who shaped the way we understand humans, others were humanists who sensed emergent human faculties and created the means to birth a greater, more wholistic self.

Together, these doctors of the human soul have been key catalysts in personal and societal change in the past century.

Some of the names we’ll get to know include Sigmund Freud, Karen Horney, Erik Erikson, Roberto Assagioli, Carl Jung, Albert Ellis, Carl Rogers and Michael White.

In addition to thoughts and theories, we’ll engage in conversations and activities that bring their ideas to ground.

Inner Worlds will be designed to flow through the past 120 years of understanding the human psyche as new ideas were articulated. Together we’ll see how this resonates with our inner experience of self. Through this sweep of the century we can gain a sense for the human being as a manifestation of the spirit of our times (or vice versa, perhaps).


This work… “is designed to lead readers to know their own minds better by encountering the minds of others who have gone before them…. to become a pilgrim along life’s way, travelling in the company of other pilgrims who have left behind them records of their own journeys”.
— from Leading Lives that Matter, Schwen and Bass